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The title of this blog post series, “So You Want to Adopt a Deaf Child?” is also the title of one of the tabs on the Signs for Hope website.

The affects the adoption of a deaf child has on hearing siblings (adopted and/or bio), as well as other extended hearing family members, is often challenging as well and this, too, will be covered in this series.

Deaf children, in general, tend to be about 18 months to two years behind their hearing peers, emotionally and socially, given their communication gap and lack of language acquisition from birth.

If you do not already know, adopted hearing children who have been institutionalized then adopted are typically about 18 months or so behind (emotionally and socially) hearing children raised in loving homes from birth.

The vast majority of deaf children available for adoption are considered “older”, above the age of 3, and that, in and of itself, will be challenging for most families.

Even if you start the adoption process when the deaf child is under 3, they will often turn 3 before you can bring your son/daughter home.

The word deaf will be used to reference a child with any degree of deafness, including those labeled Hard of Hearing.

This blog post series, however, is more focused on the overall encompassing impact the adoption of a deaf child can have on a family, especially if that family is only minimally aware or even if they feel they are somewhat aware of all that surrounds deafness and those who live in the Deaf World.To learn more about how the Deaf population generally defines the above terms go to the Even then many people do not make the connection the reason the child does not speak (mute) is because they have not heard people speaking to them nor heard themselves vocalizing as they progressed through the babbling stage of development for spoken language.This is the natural way a child without deafness learns to speak a spoken language.Today, the term “dumb” is no longer accepted in this country, but the hearing population has once again promoted a new, politically correct, label for the Deaf population, “hearing impaired”.Deaf people who identify themselves with the Deaf culture, prefer to be called what they are “Deaf”, a label that can encompass varying degrees of deafness and their precious Deaf culture since they do not believe they suffer from any impairment whatsoever.This makes that emotional and social gap for the deaf adopted child to be as much as 4 years behind hearing biologically raised children. In some countries the labels “dumb” or “deaf and dumb” are still used for those who cannot speak, some how relating the inability to speak with low-intelligence.