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Early workers subdivided the Arunta Inlier, central Australia, into three major tectonic provinces, classified the principal tectonostratigraphic units into three “Divisions”, and separated the tectonomagmatic history into five discrete “Events”, ranging in age from ∼ 1800 Ma to ∼ 300 Ma.

Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Extensive [May/2002] Researcher: Robert Royle - [email protected]: St.Compilation of RbSr and age determinations obtained before 1984 indicate an almost complete age spectrum from 1800 Ma to 1000 Ma, but age clusters exist at ∼ 1400 Ma, ∼ 1100 Ma and 400-300 Ma, which have geological significance.Subdivision of older ages into discrete tectonic events was not justified from this data alone, but more recent UPb isotopic analysis of zircons, in rocks designated to particular structural/metamorphic events, has revealed a complex tectonic history in the 1880-1600 Ma interval.The tectonostratigraphic “Division” concept also requires revision as Division 3 rocks of the northern and southern Arunta cannot be time equivalents, Division 1 rocks grade into Division 2 in the northern region, and Division 3 of the northern region may be equivalent to Division 1 in the central region.Rocks originally assigned to divisions are better grouped into a larger number of lithological assemblages until better stratigraphic and isotopic correlations can be made.To begin this section properly, we are going to start with the King George III knowledge and the steps he took in preparation to the colonists revolts.

So, opening Forward will be in chronological order of Mr. Silverstein’s Continental French Yellow Metal Continental Navy button.

Hopefully he will be able to champion the section and provide the revolutionary war button community a historic perspective with adding information relevant to the buttons we post.

With the RRN Molds he was able to dig, we are able to have a real starting point into the American theatre. buttons existed years before and after the Revolution, we can finally find an entrance Naval buttons.

Although a lead mold made from a brass original would produce a replica of these first Royal Rhode Island Navy buttons while they are on land and that is exactly where 99% of all Americans fought the British.

I’m not mis-spelling Rhode Island you need to think outside the box.

If you look beyond the obvious and this is where Don T missed the mark I believe it was around 1774 to 1775 Rhode Island started a Navy and being British subjects still, they most likely had buttons made RRN = Rhode Island Royal Navy then 1775 to 1776 we are at war with the mother country Britain so these men as Marines are at West point off the Hudson and other places during the Rev War period .