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Kagura brings the head back to the Yorozuya to use as an "egg cracker".Fuzou-0's head resembles the head on the news, but when asked, the android claims to have lost her memory and is given the name "Tama" by Kagura.Three strangers, two of whom are robots arrive to take the head, and the Yorozuya trio escape with Tama.Since then, the exploits of frustrated samurai Gintoki and his friends have appeared in numerous different formats, from light novels to animated television series, leading with a frenetic sense of humour and knowing self-awareness.Twenty years after an alien invasion, the occupying Amanto (literally “Sky People”) have outlawed swords, leaving the Shogunate in disarray.Six musical themes are used for this season: two openings themes and four ending themes. It is used until episode 75, while since episode 76 the ending is "Signal" by Kelun.

The fourth ending used since episode 88 is "Speed of flow" by The Rodeo Carburettor.

2/5 stars Samurai warriors and alien invaders exist side-by-side on the streets of Edo period Japan in Yuichi Fukuda’s big-screen adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi’s bestselling manga.

While this chaotic mash-up of sci-fi and period drama aesthetics triggers a relentless sugar rush of visual stimuli, .

As Gintoki faces the aftermath of his encounter with a resurgent Nizō and the Benizakura, Kagura becomes entangled within the web of Takasugi and the Kiheitai while Shinpachi assists Elizabeth in connecting the two.

When an intergalactic pastry shop threatens to put Gintoki's favorite dango shop out of business, the Yorozuya rise to the challenge in helping them win a contest to keep it open (and keep themselves fed for several days).

In Japan, Aniplex distributes the anime in DVD format.