Interparcel tracking not updating

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Interparcel tracking not updating - carbon 14 dating christian

I have nothing but good service from Hermes UK..... the worst mistake I have made was sending two parcels to Alaska with a short interval between each. I tracked it as far as Landmark then no progress for nearly two weeks........was returned intact to my home address on the 17th December by DPD with all the documentation in order and no explanation!However the address labels had been deliberately and carefully covered by Landmark's own return labels.

Interparcel are awaiting a response from Landmark Global every time I contact them.The second to the same address in Germany which after 2 months was returned to me as an incorrect address, Interparcel wanted me to pay for its return but as they had successfully delivered to the same address they couldn't argue with that and it was returned free of charge.The third is still current, at the moment somewhere in Italy, thankfully my customer has put in some time phoning various postal companies in Italy and has been advised that it has two mistakes in the address including no house number. This parcel had the correct address upon collection so has been re-labelled at some point.But when I contact Landmark Global week goes by nothing! We have deliveries coming in and out of the office every day and we have never had an experience as bad as out of my 4 parcels I have sent with them none have been delivered within the date stated and one has gone missing! In fact, we have never had a problem with collection before and this company has proved to me that even finding an address and picking up a small parcel on a day that a customer pays for it to be collected is problematic, or nearly impossible to do.I needed to send a parcel to Hong Kong and was attracted by the very competitive quote - around a third cheaper than their competitors.

I should have read the reviews and taken heed of Landmarks own ominous warning ‘this service is not guaranteed.’ I took a gamble.

So, Landmark Global are cheaper but are the worst courier company I have used in 15 years of shipping parcels all over the world. I read the other reviews on this firm after I shipped five packages to Hong Kong from the UK... - but must admit they all arrived in Hong Kong within the time they said they would and nothing was broken.

They are not the fastest, as that was not what I was paying for - I was paying a lower price for slower delivery and that seems to have worked for 6 packages sent at different times. The first arrived 15 days later than quoted after being stuck at Landmark for ages, too late for the event it was intended for.

They use Amazon logo's on their address labels and I have complained to How many parcels, presents and packages have Landmark expertly disintegrated? Ordered delivery on 6/12/17 Parcel to USA for Xmas for my son who got married out there in August.

So should you Sent a large parcel containing £500 of clothing to the U. Packed full of presents, some bespoke late wedding presents.

(Very little more than royal mail we're going to charge me)I received my confirmation email with my tracking number. For a week I chewed my nails, rang them again, and they very patiently assured me that it was in transit, and that it would arrive very soon.