Belichick dating

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Belichick dating

Linda Holliday has been around for a while, and looks to stick around. A New Jersey woman in the midst of a heated divorce says New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick still gives her piles of money – even while he’s dating another blond divorcée.

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But why he finances a fancy lifestyle for Shenocca, a stay-at-home mom, remains “a huge mystery” at the center of the current custody battle between Shenocca and her husband, one courtroom observer said.According to the gossip section of the Boston Herald, Linda toed the Belichick line in terms of not sharing secrets with the media, offering only semi denials when asked about the ring.The ring also magically moved from her left hand to her right later in the evening when people began staring at the new ring.Belichick’s laconic demeanor no doubt helps him keep his focus as his girlfriend reports on New England town and gown events.Belichick fared far better this Halloween than his quarterback.The Belichick Holliday partnership is going just fine, whether married or not.

While we’re here complimenting her Instagram page, let’s talk about the Belichick-Chrissy Teigen interaction.

The pair delights the crowds being affable and friendly whenever the jumbotron catches them.

Bill Belichick’s girlfriend is an active participant in Patriots wives events, as well as regularly promoting The Bill Belichick Foundation.

When Bill and Linda met, Linda was involved in another relationship.

During a self titled “Girls Night Out,” in Palm Beach, FL in February, 2007, the two met in a nightclub.

Hell, even Google trends show that the majority of people search for Bill Belichick’s wife, not girlfriend.

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