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Squinting through the rising dust and a commotion of thirty proud, topless dancing girls, there I business. I spent a week in September 1997 in Papua New Guinea making a video for the Lutheran church.

The rugby field seethes with heavily greased and painted troupes.Swallowing, which is the betel nut equivalent of inhaling, gives you a buzz like chewing tobacco.It's so common among men, women and children throughout southeast Asia that there are "no chewing zones" in airports, hospitals and some restaurants.Taking 6 kina (), my loin-clothed teacher lightly fingered each tip: "Pig...pigeon.." Independent from Australia only since 1975, Papua New Guinea is a diverse country — about the size of Arizona — with 800 tribal languages.A new national language, one of the youngest on Earth, was developed after WWII.Souvenirs are limited to tribal masks, necklaces of teeth and shells, and tote bags called bilums.

These colorfully woven bags — which hang from a strap around your forehead or over your shoulder — are the national luggage, used for carrying everything from coconuts to babies.

Roads everywhere are speckled with red spittle and most locals are stained with "PNG lipstick." With coaxing from a young tattooed woman who looked like she was chewing red crayons, I tried it.

My saliva gland became a drippy faucet as a puddle grew at my feet.

After a good rinse, we hiked deeper into the jungle.

Crossing a rope bridge, we encountered three hunters.

Middlemen buy used clothes in 100-pound bushels (mixed shirts — , and so on) and trade them in the bush.

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