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If Walker was going to break the back of that progressive tradition, he would have to go through labor to do it.Six weeks into Walker’s term, Bryce, who was then the political director of his local, was finishing up a job at the Nestlé plant in Burlington when he got a call about Act 10.

Welcome to Wisconsin.” “So many people watch our shit,” Bryce’s campaign manager, David Keith, standing nearby, said to Bryce. ” The 52-year-old Bryce is built like a lineman, with soft brown eyes and a flattop that flares up in the front like uncut South Milwaukee, the son of a Mexican American father and a Polish American mother, who handled paperwork at a doctor’s office.After high school he spent three years in the Army and then bounced around a series of jobs without benefits.Milwaukee elected three socialist mayors in the early 20th century, and unions backed Robert La Follette, the crusading anti-corporate senator and governor, for president.Policies like collective bargaining, mandatory workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits existed in Wisconsin before they existed almost anywhere else.Trump carried Ryan’s seat by double digits by flipping historically Democratic working-class strongholds and narrowing the margins in places like Janesville.

But Bryce’s candidacy has spoken to Democrats in deeper ways, because he is running at a moment when they are asking aloud who and what the party stands for.The recession had accelerated an exodus of tens of thousands of union jobs from southeast Wisconsin that hadn’t come back.Workers who once made an hour at a union auto manufacturer now made an hour at a nonunion distribution center—if they had a job.In Bryce, a lot of people who don’t know the difference between Chinese and American steel, who have never stepped foot in Racine, whose own mustaches are ironic, have found an avatar of a new direction—by the working man, for the working man.If their problem is that people who look like Randy Bryce stopped voting like him, then this, they believe, is the way to win the state that got away.On a visit to the Capitol, a supporter tried to introduce Bryce to Rep. He is running in a district Democrats haven’t seriously contested in decades, against one of the most powerful men in America.

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