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While the Trio can be updated in all the same ways that VVX phones already support there is a new capability provided with the Trio: using the local USB port.In fact this is a very similar process to what the CX5100/5500 also supports for firmware upgrading.

Note that it is possible to load the wrong firmware on a device in the event that the software packages are somehow mixed up between these various products.The same steps listed at the beginning of this recent article can be used to upgrade the phone firmware if not already familiar with it.If the Lync Base Profile is currently enabled on the Trio then the web management interface will be disabled by default. Assembly]:: Load With Partial Name("microsoft.sharepoint.portal") [System. Taxonomy.dll") function Check Null($obj, $name) $siteurl = " $site = Get-SPSite -Identity $siteurl -Error Action Stop $ctx = [Microsoft. The entire process after confirming the administrator password should take less than 10 minutes, so as long as the gear icon is still spinning do not reboot the phone, just wait for the eventual reboot.

On some early models of the Trio the USB process may not work as described above.

From a software standpoint the Trio platform is based on the same (UCS) platform that the entire line of modern VVX phones use, thus the majority of upgrade options are the same.

As covered in various other VVX articles this process is unchanged in the Trio.

Server Context]:: Get Context($site) $upm = New-Object Microsoft.

User Profile Manager($ctx) $upcm = New-Object Microsoft.

In fact there is nothing else which must be configured is the environment is already setup to support existing VVX phones.

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