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Even if itself seems unfamiliar, the story of the siege of Troy, the Trojan War and Paris’ kidnapping of Helen, the world’s most beautiful woman, are all familiar characters or scenarios.A variation on the group idea stems from the fact that storytelling was an oral tradition and Homer compiled the stories, then recited them to memory.Homer’s style, whoever he was, falls more in the category of minstrel poet or balladeer, as opposed to a cultivated poet who is the product of a fervent literary moment, such as a Virgil or a Shakespeare.For the Greeks, Homer was a godfather of their national culture, chronicling its mythology and collective memory in rich rhythmic tales that have permeated the collective imagination.Homer’s real life may remain a mystery, but the very real impact of his works continues to illuminate our world today.The stories have repetitive elements, almost like a chorus or refrain, which suggests a musical element.

However, Homer’s works are designated as epic rather than lyric poetry, which was originally recited with lyre in hand, much in the same vein as spoken-word performances.

Part of the problem is that Homer lived before a chronological dating system was in place.

The Olympic Games of classical Greece marked an epoch, with 776 BC as a starting point by which to measure out four-year periods for the event.

encompasses the story of the Trojan War, so some scholars have thought it fit to put the poet and chronicler nearer to the time of that actual event.

But others believe the poetic style of his work indicates a much later period. 484–425 BC), often called the father of history, placed Homer several centuries before himself, around 850 BC.

is an enigma insofar as actual facts of his life go.