Trevor donovan and jessica stroup dating

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Trevor donovan and jessica stroup dating - sophomore girl dating freshman boy

Herman says he will send Jasper to a mental hospital.He says Jasper wanted to talk to her before he goes.

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Jasper insists he did everything for her because he loved her.

ADRIANNA AND GIA TAKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP PUBLIC – Annie (Shenae Grimes) deals with the outcome of Jasper's (Zach Sherman) decision to jump from the Hollywood sign and begins to find some peace with her situation.

Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Teddy (Trevor Donovan) decide to double date with Liam (Matt Lanter) and Naomi (Anna Lynne Mc Cord), which makes Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and Ivy (Gillian Zinser) feel left out, so the two decide to fake date.

Teddy suggests he set him up with a date, but he insists he is cool.

Back at the sign, Jasper figures that Annie doesn't love him anymore and leaps off the sign. She admits that Jasper jumped off the sign and hurt himself. Herman tells Annie to go home and take care of herself.

Adrianna tells her that she doesn't care who is watching. She admits she hates the earrings and says it is not her. At Naomi's, Liam asks her about her therapy session and if she is ready to come forward about Cannon.

She says when it comes to diamonds, she only thinks about slave mining. Naomi says she knows she is not really dating Dixon. She explains that Naomi doesn't think they are dating. Naomi says she is worried what people will think if she reports her teacher.

Adrianna tries to give Gia a high five, but she is still upset.

Teddy gives Silver a pair of diamond earrings as a gift. Teddy asks her to show him how it looks, but she just holds it over her lobes.

Liam drives Naomi to the medical center for her therapy session. After he drops her off, she sits down at the outdoor cafe, orders a drink and reads her magazine.

Adrianna and the band are not able to get their instruments since the doors to the school are locked.

Dixon says he is getting the same treatment after Silver turned him down. The gang tries to convince Naomi to report Cannon for his harassment, but she doesn't want to hear it. Silver asks Teddy to guess what kind of water she likes, but he is wrong.

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