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Chatbots virtual - Best totally free chat

Typically, customer service chatbots answer inquires based on keywords.

AI and machine learning advancements are able to detect the content of customers’ requests and questions and service inquires accordingly.

Otherwise, their underlying technologies are similar. Supported by artificial intelligence, both are able to understand information fed either through text or speech recognition.

Like customer service chatbots, VACs provide information, services, and assistance about web pages, and support a wide range of applications in business, educations, government, healthcare, and entertainment.

More advanced chatbots will try and anticipate the next question or guide the user to relevant resources or responses based on the previous intent.

“The technologies that support a chatbot need a common taxonomy in place that links the intent of a question to a contextual response,” said Jeff Cohen, co-founder and vice president of cognitive innovation services at Welltok, an AI-based healthcare software company.

High volumes of requests or FAQs take time away from agents that could be assisting customers with more complex issues, and customer service bots reduces time.

For example, airlines utilize Facebook Messenger’s chatbot platform to better reach their customers.

“Knowledge management systems are absolutely essential in order to standardize the service experience,” said Khal Rai, an AI expert and senior vice president, product development and operations, at SRS Health, a healthcare software company.

“Essentially, knowledge management systems are tools that allow you to document common questions and answers and problem-solving tips that are accumulated over the life of a product or a solution.” It requires commitment and discipline by healthcare organizations to invest the necessary time and money to build knowledge libraries, Rai added.

Among organizations in various industries, healthcare providers most of all will benefit from increased use of chatbots, which are becoming more adept at their work because of advances in AI, Juniper Research said.

Chat-bots could save organizations billion annually worldwide by 2022, up from million this year, Juniper Research forecasted.

Customer service chatbots focus on multi-step processes or input parameters to better aid customers more quickly, rather than asking multiple questions.

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