Dominant women chatroom

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Dominant women chatroom

CROWD is run by women with disabilities, and one of their many projects utilizes the Second Life platform to develop and carry out health promotion interventions for women with disabilities. We have had many requests over our break for our meetings to continue, and we are happy to say that the wait is over!On November 3, 2013, at 1 PM Pacific, we will be holding our first support group meeting at our new location on Second Life. We encourage everyone to show up early to make sure that you can access the new location.

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The gangs, operating under various company names, were spread across 13 provinces and cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

The first exhibition initiated and produced by Woodpecker Projects. Melee means close combat, misogyny is just a fancy word for hating on women and rapid-fire is more or less randomly fired shots from a machine gun. Trolls are people who, for instance on Facebook or Youtube, argue something they don’t necessarily mean just in order to provoke fierce debate; a highly developed sense of humour. Information technology – itself based on the difference between the zeros and ones of binary computer programming – are now seriously starting to deconstruct those dichotomies.

Furthermore, they more or less directly express a sensibility towards the revised terms of production, distribution and reception, being the reality of the post-Internet era – something, which even the most profoundly analogue art objects can actually do.

And last but not least the works in several cases directly challenge the rather intimate spatial conditions of Gallery S:t Gertrud.

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Our Facebook group continues to be incredibly active, and you can always find us on Twitter.

However, we did take a much lengthier than expected break from our weekly support group meetings over the summer as we transitioned from our previous site on Second Life.

Thanks to the Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD), we now have a brand-new space to hold meetings on Second Life.

We encourage everyone to subscribe to our Google calendar, or join one of our other communities to get notices about future events. Comment below, or connect with us on any of our communities!

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The details can be found on the Chat Room page if you prefer to connect using another client.

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