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‘She held out hope, but I think eventually she decided to bury her husband – figuratively.She just decided Brody wasn’t ever coming back.’ It might sound like a decidedly soapy plot line, but part of what has made Homeland such a huge international hit, from the UK to Australia, Russia, Latin America, India and even Afghanistan, is that the messy matters of the heart are bound up inside a paranoid, post-9/11 psychological thriller.

‘I don’t think you can blame Jessica for falling; eight years is a long time to wait for somebody,’ she continues, referring to her on-screen husband, US marine sergeant Nicholas Brody, played by British actor Damian Lewis.

‘She is getting a taste of what it is like to have influence, to matter.

She’s hobnobbing with the political women of Washington and the vice president’s wife has become a close friend.

"\"Think for your self, and feel the walls become sand beneeth your feet.\" Originaly from the border city of Juarez Mexico. Just moved to Dallas Tx, for a new chapter in my life with work and on my own.

Have a degree in Psychology from Mexico and, now, a Master's in Community Counseling from the US. I also have a exhibitionist streak, but it's never gone beyond the fantasy level.

Such is the secrecy surrounding the series that the cast members themselves only receive scripts episode by episode and are gagged from revealing plot lines to the press.

Morena, however, is persuaded to divulge a few details.

Nevertheless, sometimes you so want to see your virtual contacts in real after pleasant conversations.

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I dont and wont play them" "I could be perfect for you but don't get it twisted cuz im not playin games.

Im a simple man just tryn to make it in this crazy ass world. Any single ladies out there that would like to be with a good guy...

Missing in action for eight years, presumed dead, Brody is unexpectedly rescued and returned to his family.