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I agree most strongly with 'Al from Baltimore's brief analysis of where the song is coming from... The song fills me with yearning for 'something more',and yes...I truly believe this song is life-changing..for everyone , but for myself and many others. I think you will find that the baker street referred to is in fact a street in Dundee Scotland.

Then I heard this song for the very first time, and it went right through me! Fortunately, that experience has allowed me to help many teens facing similar challenges.

Much love and condolences to his brother, his nephew and his children. He always ends up worn and alone but picks himself up, faces the new day and goes on searching.

On 01/04/11, Gerry Rafferty died from liver failure due to alcoholism. Gerry left us a timeless piece that, unlike us, will not ever die. Thiss song to me was always about a guy who's always searching for something and deep down knows he'll never find it. I love this song its the song of my life and obviously many of yours.

She is walking up Baker Street and sees that "he" was at home (the light is on) In my imagination, she fell in love with an alcoholic who lived up the street. Neither one of them ever attains to what it is they really want and she ends up always going home, in the early morning, alone . That was my fantasy interpretation for the last 37 years, until recently I heard the song again, flooding back memories... Re: Ravenscroft, who gave us the iconic saxophone solo on Gerry Rafferty's #2 song, "Baker Street" in 1978, died Sunday (October 19) of what is believed to be a heart attack at the age of 60.

When she comes in - he's drinking and they start to drink together as he talks about his dreams of buying land, settling down and yet - he never does. I decided - with Internet in hand (light years away from 1978) to google 'Baker Street' only to realize that Gerry Rafferty was singing about a place the U. Rafferty seems he's singing about the rut he's in, the disappointments and trying to kick his habit, that he never really kicks. Rafferty sang so many great songs...a beautiful voice and a talented musician. Though it made him world-famous, he was only paid 27 pounds for the recording session (and in a possibly apocryphal story, it's said the check bounced). Interesting that the Foo Fighters version is also absolutely wicked, but so different to the original.

His music lives on, especially this and his infections "Stuck in the Middle with You."RIP Mr.

Rafferty, and may happiness finally be with you for good. I'd like to offer a couple of corrections to some of the lyrics in the second verse of the song.

On July 21, 1978, Gerry Rafferty performed "Baker Street" on the NBC-TV late night musical variety program 'The Midnight Special'... I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was heavily bumming. but then there came this song from the little radio I carried with me when going to the shore. It robs them of everything -- but at least Gerry Rafferty's song lives on beyond him...addiction did not take that from him as he wrote a haunting tale to tell about it.

At the time "Baker Street" was in it's fifth of six weeks at #2 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, and for the six weeks that it was at #2, the #1 record was "Shadow Dancing" by Andy Gibb... I was thankful for the warm summer sun and the ocean always made me feel better .. Immediately - this song captured my imagination and it blew me away! Two corrections to the info previously posted by others: 1) London's Baker Street is in fact a faceless commercial tourist-trap as suitably depressing as the one fleetingly visible in the 1978 video (aired on Top of the Pops in place of a 'live' performance by Rafferty); 2) Neil (below): as a Londoner you should have known that Baker Street does *not* join Oxford Street, as it turns into Orchard Street two blocks before.

Gerry was a very passionate singer and had such a beautiful, clear voice!

He is so well-known for Baker Street and Stuck In The Middle, but I also urge you to listen to his other songs, on this album and on the others he made, with the band "Stealers Wheel", the "Humblebums" (with Billy Connelly, the comedianne), and also on his own. Most of his songs are written about his personal life and feelings, and alot of people can identify with them.

Here they are."Way down the street there's a light in his place He opens the door, he's got that look on his faceand he asks you where you've been, you tell him who you've seen and you talk about anything.