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Producer Hugh Murphy was getting impatient, and it was then that the studio team looked for alternatives to the guitar, where Ravenscroft suggested to try his older sax in his trunk of his car, and brilliantly and without further practice nailed the Baker Street sax solos.

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He is so well-known for Baker Street and Stuck In The Middle, but I also urge you to listen to his other songs, on this album and on the others he made, with the band "Stealers Wheel", the "Humblebums" (with Billy Connelly, the comedianne), and also on his own. Most of his songs are written about his personal life and feelings, and alot of people can identify with them.His music lives on, especially this and his infections "Stuck in the Middle with You."RIP Mr.Rafferty, and may happiness finally be with you for good. I'd like to offer a couple of corrections to some of the lyrics in the second verse of the song.This song will still be played long after we are all dead and gone. And the Sax solo is all by itself justification for the invention of the saxophone.Correction on all information to the infamous sax solo by Raphael Ravenscroft.I agree with Mike from Santa Barbara CA - it's a uniersal theme, and maybe that's why there are so many interpretations that seem so specific. It's hopeless and to help him get through he abuses alcohol and drugs.

He struggles to make it to his friends/lovers door only to realize he's just as screwed up, and there's only one way out. Fascinating comments and signposts all...cheered me up after a long day. Similarly, my interpretation goes like this..'Baker street' is supposed to be 'significant' & its 'on the map' & has made itâI was very moved by many of the heartfelt comments I found here..much so that I had to comment myself! I LOVE what Din DC from Washington wrote:when I read the line about'sitting in a Pizza Hut' and realizing how'little hope...a small town held' a chill went through me : I felt the truth of that and I believe that truth is in the song and has caused all of us to sort of pour out our hearts in this way.

I was overtired and zombie-like, pushing myself forward from one exam to the next. After all these years, this song still has that mesmerizing power. Rafferty So I'm pretty sure my parents played this when I was in the womb, and I listen to his music to this day. On my way to be stationed in England, can anyone confirm where the street is? hang in there." Tears come to my eyes just listening to the song and thinking back on that time period.

Then I heard this song for the very first time, and it went right through me! Fortunately, that experience has allowed me to help many teens facing similar challenges.

If there are any other aging rockers or celebrities reading these comments, Please Please take it easy, if you are suffering depression, alcoholism or any other health issues, see a doctor as soon as you can, don't keep putting it off or pretend it will all go away by itself, because it won't.

I am heartbroken that such a brilliant and talented singer and songwriter and musician has passed on and he will be sorely missed!

She is walking up Baker Street and sees that "he" was at home (the light is on) In my imagination, she fell in love with an alcoholic who lived up the street. Neither one of them ever attains to what it is they really want and she ends up always going home, in the early morning, alone . That was my fantasy interpretation for the last 37 years, until recently I heard the song again, flooding back memories... Re: Ravenscroft, who gave us the iconic saxophone solo on Gerry Rafferty's #2 song, "Baker Street" in 1978, died Sunday (October 19) of what is believed to be a heart attack at the age of 60.

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