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I was given a picture such as two persons are speaking in a table.I wrote about they are speaking about the preservation of tiger.

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He told many brave activities from his service, it was so inspirational for us. All liked to talk with me as im the only Tamilan from south India, others are from north such as up, Maharashtra Bihar, Bhopal etc, I loved their speech and we enjoyed a lot at our stay in our candidate line.Then got instructions as how to behave in centers and in public(Allahabad city). (delicious breakfast is over gentleman) canteen time is above...In the first day, we were given analytical assessment consists of verbal and nonverbal, PPDT-picture perception and description followed group discussion.The colonel noted everything while we enter into the hall, our body language, the way as how we asked permission, how we greet him, how we answer to him everything. After receiving the call letter, i was so excited and started to prepare for the process as it is the main hurdle to cross.These were the questions raised, with these questions he easily weight our quality i.e.(whether this candidate can able to attend main process and can able to compete with a group of guys to show his qualities) Then the preliminarily round was over and the call letter was received before one month of my scheduled date. First i booked train from chennai to Allahabad, i was in waiting list, later i got a seat at the last minute.The selection process was held for two days as more number of aspirants like you were applied to that. The video presented by them was so motivational and all of us was in good spirit.

Inside the panel, Later in the panel, we all of us were waiting for our turn. This process is entirely different from the normal corporate process , as the distance between me and process was nearly ten feet.For the analytical assessment, normal intelligent student needs no preparation, if you wish, practice the non verbal part well from r.s.agarwal or else if you prepared for your campus selections just go through that then for the ppdt and gd, we need some extra preparation.Each candidate is assessed by this and no one can escape from this, as it maps clearly about our personality, whether we are eligible for defense services or not. All the candidates have to sit in order in the auditorium based on their chest numbers.And we were instructed by the psychologists about the tests and rules to be followed by the candidate in the tests.In my group all of the guy z were so cool and nice.

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    I was given a picture such as two persons are speaking in a table.

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