Taylor swift dating rules

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Although we’re not sure how ordinary the ritual of wearing matching nightgowns during a sleepovers is for most girl groups.Swift told that she provides each squad member with matching white Victorian nighties that they wear when they have sleepovers at her Nashville home.

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See, there are rules in Taylor Swift’s squad that are never talked about.

In the case of Swift’s squad, sistas are put before mistas. And we have evidence to prove that the squad practices what they preach.

Let us take you back to the time when Swift and Hadid were dealing with their breakups with Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik (Gigi's break-up was short-lived, however).

Friends should have no secrets or, if they do, they should share them and talk about them with their girls.

Lying is never cool and nobody knows that better than Taylor Swift herself, which is why secrets are dismissed from her squad.

You should never be hiding anything in Tay's group of friends.

We consider this a pretty solid rule and not too much to ask.

If you’re going to have any, don’t even bother applying to be a member of Tay’s squad.

In the words of Regina George, AKA queen of The Plastics (another girl squad comprising of stunning young women), "It’s never going to happen." World Tour, Taylor told her fans at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey that she has a couple of rules for being in her squad.

Did you know that Demi Lovato used to be in Taylor Swift’s squad?

Then, she posted an Instagram selfie of her with Hailey Baldwin and the next thing she knew, she was excluded from the clique.

Since we’re not part of the clique—and probably never will be—we have nothing to lose by revealing the 15 unspoken rules all Taylor Swift squad members must follow.