Vb net combo box validating

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Vb net combo box validating

I always liked to place the red error icon inside the right-hand side of the control so I didn’t have to worry about spacing issues between the controls when I was designing forms.And I actually liked how the icon would flash a few times and then stop.

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In the Style above the Trigger section (we’ll leave the Tool Tip mesage there) we set the Validation.

Has Error changes to True: Now when we run this again, you’ll see that when you hover over the Text Box the validation message is displayed in a Tool Tip. And we really want to declare all this in one place for our entire application.

No problem, we can stick this Style into the Application. We can also specify that the Target Type=”Control” and then we can declare additional styles for the rest of our controls and base them on this one.

I showed how to do this with LINQ to SQL classes in this post where I set it up in a base business class.

Here’s a “short version” example implementation for a customer LINQ to SQL class that performs the same validation on the Last Name field: Data Binding in WPF Now that our data objects are validating themselves we can data bind them to a form.

Open up your and add this XAML to your Resources section: We just need to specify a x: Key for the Template and then we can set the Based On attribute on the inherited Styles.

Now all the controls in the entire application can pick up this Style.

It’s relatively easy to do this type of animation in WPF using Storyboards (and it’s REALLY easy to create animations in Expression Blend so I highly recommend you have a look at that product if you’re making the transition to WPF).

This time we’ll create an Ellipse and set up an Event Trigger for the Loaded event to begin our animation which will simply toggle the Visibility property of the Ellipse a few times.

Performing Validation on Data Objects If you’re using custom business objects or LINQ to SQL classes you first need to implement the IData Error Info interface in order to collect validation messages on your objects.

If you are using Data Sets on your WPF or Windows Forms, the Data Row View already implements this interface so you can just add validation to your Data Table partial classes and you’re good to go.

Setting up a simple WPF Window with some Text Boxes and binding them is easy in XAML once you get the knack for remembering the syntax ;-).

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