Updating transmission software

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Extract the downloaded file "TH-D72_Main_V108E.zip" into a designated folder.

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This website provides information to California consumers that can be used to alleviate the problems they may be experiencing with their Focus, and/or legal remedies available to them under the California lemon law.

This update changes the TH-D72A's Menu No.13A (WX Alert) and 13B (Auto WX Scan) to Menu No.13B (WX Alert) and 13C (Auto WX Scan).

JVC KENWOOD Corporation does not warrant that quality and functions of this software comply with each user's purpose of use of this software, and unless specifically described in this document, JVC KENWOOD Corporation shall be free from any responsibilities to any defects and indemnities to any damages or losses.

The user shall be allowed to use, not to resell, the software by obtaining a license from JVC KENWOOD Corporation.

While the media on which the software is stored is possessed by the user, the ownership for the software itself shall be reserved for JVC KENWOOD Corporation.

Once the clutch is contaminated (like any dry clutch), it must be replaced.

A few years back Ford tried to clean the clutch surface this didnt work.

The Clutch Drive Learn procedure should only be performed on smooth, level roads and may take 45 minutes or more.

Completion of the Service Fast Learn procedure will reset all shift adapts and may require the entire transmission Clutch Drive Learn procedure for each clutch to be completed.

When you receive an APRS message, operating the transceiver during the delay time will cancel sending an auto-reply message.

You can set the delay time to "0 sec", "10 sec" (default), or "30 sec".

Refer to the following bulletins for additional information: Test Drive with GDS2 A test drive of the vehicle should be completed in order to attempt to duplicate the concern.

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