Sasha and naeto c dating

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Sasha and naeto c dating - foneu2 dating com

Storm Records headed by Obi Asika and Olisa Adibua (the pair are currently in a legal battle) have in the past signed an impressive long list of acts including Jazzman Olofin, Darey, GT the Guitarman, 2shotz, General Pype.

One insider said: ‘It is true Naeto started Cerious Music a few years back but the launch of his new outfit WKG (meaning White Kaftan Gang) will see him act fully as an independent artiste.’ WKG kicked off in the middle of 2012 with the launch of his ‘Tony Montana (Bad pass)’ video featuring D’banj.I don't think anyone's profession dictates who they are as a person, just with a dancer you already know what you are getting (not a bad thing I don't think!!In some instances this might be very true but when it comes to sex workers it simply doesn't hold true.I simply don't see how a stripper in a club who I know is only trying to hustle money from me could be the least bit exciting or "fun".That sounds like more fun than being an attorney or any other profession my high school guidance counselor suggested.Nothing has changed’, Odunsi responded to our enquiry via E-mail.

Naeto C’s profile is still active on the Storm Records official website but then again, we can’t take that seriously as General Pype (an artiste who has since parted ways with the label) also has his profile on the website.With female rap queen throne still very much vacant in the Nigeria industry, would love to see Sasha make a comeback and reign supreme; that said this is a MUST LISTEN!!!I have a list below of people who I think will make a really hot couple/great match.Puppy Love I started actually working in the business since 1992, as an agent, then worked my way up to owning my own company!She only had to dance part time to make some pretty decent money to support herself, and she was there for her kids.In the last 15 months, the Nigerian entertainment scene has witnessed more label shakedowns than we could have ever imagined. Rapper Naetochukwu Chikwe better known as Naeto C has ended his relationship with Storm Records, the music home where he launched his career into the Nigerian music market.