Foggy thinking on dating

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This article will examine its many patho-physiological causes. A Clinical Definition Brain Fog has been described as a feeling of mental confusion where the individual lacks mental clarity.

One of the more common issues that people deal with every single day is brain fog.It can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days or weeks. Usually there is no direct physical trauma to the brain involved.Most people know something is wrong but cannot put their finger on it.You won’t find brain fog recognized as a bona-fide illness in many medical or psychological writings.The reason is simple – physicians are not taught of its significance in medical school.The term “fog” is used because it feels as if a cloud comes over your thought process that reduces your ability to think clearly.

This may cause an individual to become excessively forgetful, though long term memory remains intact.

Severe chronic brain fog can ultimately lead to discouragement and depression.

Diagnosis To date, there are no specific medical tests to diagnose brain fog. Diagnosis is best made by talking to your doctor about your symptoms.

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The human brain serves as the control center of the neuroendocrine system.

It is a subjective clinical determination based on careful history and exclusion of medical illness that presents with similar symptoms.

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