Who is david fincher dating

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Who is david fincher dating

Known for his image-driven and often dark films, Fincher is one of the most innovative and meticulous directors working today.

The club spawns more clubs and evolves into an underground movement that seeks to create chaos by destroying the offices of credit card companies.

However, Fincher described it as "a movie about death." Whether a romance or a tragedy, garnered 13 award nominations, including best picture and best actor honors, winning three for art direction, makeup and visual effects.

Fincher received another directing nomination from the Academy for 2010's In his films, Fincher uses his strong visual sensibility to depict unusual and often edgy subject matter.

, things are moving forward as acclaimed director David Fincher has agreed to work on the project with Brad Pitt back to star.

The studio’s new chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos has reportedly not officially greenlit the project, but sources tell the publication the film will likely be announced in the coming weeks.

This action thriller starred Michael Douglas as an ultra-wealthy businessman who receives an unusual gift from his brother (Sean Penn)—an adventure with no clear rules orchestrated by a mysterious company.

The adventure, however, quickly turns into a battle for survival. Edward Norton starred as a disfranchised office worker who suffers from insomnia and hangs out at support groups.as an "inventive, sustained adrenaline rush of a movie." While the film garnered some positive reviews, it also drew fiery responses from other critics.Some rebuked the film's political leanings while others objected to what they believed was a glorification of violence.On the big screen, Fincher made his directorial debut with (1992).The sci-fi action film was a personal and professional disappointment.Roger Ebert, for example, wrote that , was released in 2002.