Dating gorham silver plate marks

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A similar type of Gorham silverware called Athenic of the same period was Grecian in inspiration and used different kind of metals (bronze and copper over silver).

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But look at that trademark – a lion, an anchor and, the letter G. The lion is facing the wrong way, but for a short time in the 1840’s Gorham used a lion who faced the same way as the Lion Passant.For the 1980s, the year mark was a number inside an octagon frame.Gorham also produced fine silver plated holloware and flatware.After serving his apprentiship, he formed a partnership with Christopher Burr, William Hadwen, George C. Mumford about 1815-1818 at which time he purchased his own shop to manufacture small items and became known for his "Gorham chain" unequaled at the time. In 1836 the firm was called Gorham, Webster & Price.With Stanton Beebe he made jewelry until 1831 with Henry L. When Gorham's son, John joined the firm in 1841, the name was changed to Jabez Gorham & Son.The Gorham company has been noted for the fine quality of its die work as well as superior design and fine finishing of all products.

One of most successful line of products was the the Martele ware.

From 1941, the year mark was a number inside a square frame.

For the 1950s, the year mark was a number inside a pentagon frame.

The idea was to develop a line of silverware which should be essentially an art production.

The artisan was given a design and a flat sheet of metal and told to work it by hand with an hammer and any other tools, which were necessary for the design in mind.

The tooling occupied two years, so they started to market their silverplated wares only in 1865.

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