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Sexting chat log - dating online in usa

Once a listener is removed from the community for a sexual chat, they can apply to have their acct restored.Because we know that sexual encounters are part of the human experience, there are circumstances where we allow listeners who have engaged in sexual chats to return to the community after their rejection.

Overall, though, I don't find the censor very restrictive.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about sexting and censor reports at 7 Cups.

I believe there has been some rumors and misinformation flying around.

And to be clear, sexting of any kind is prohibited in our community. Just this morning, I was approached by a member with the name "[name removed by Affy Avo]".

You can probably guess what she wanted in our communications.

As for only listeners being removed, only listeners are told that these chats aren't okay.

Members might not completely understand the purpose of the site, and they might not know they can't have these types of chats here. Also, members can be banned from the site, but this is stricter for listeners.If we have reason to believe someone has been incredibly hurtful or violated many of our community guidelines, we will not allow them back. Please keep in mind this system has evolved a great deal over the past 3 years and it will continue to evolve to get better.If you have specific concerns about this process, you can voice them to me directly in email or PM. Our goal is to keep the community safe and professional, while still understanding the natural expression of the human experience.It can still be a bit frustrating to extra change a message just because a word was used which, in context, isnt so inappropriate.Hm @Rarely Charlie Unfortunately, the censored phrases can come up in any chat, even if it's completely appropriate.When two people make a bond sharing their stories and supporting one another - sometimes the feelings can evolve to include deeper feelings for one another.

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