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Previous works also employed digital means to allow interaction between viewers and artworks, perhaps foretelling her predisposition to create an application meant to digitally foster connections between people.

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(Funny enough, at the time, the tech-savvy artist had had the smart phone for only one year.) Internet dating has proven a fruitful topic for other artists, such as Tully Arnot, who created a Tinder-swiping robot, and Anna Gensler, who eviscerated rude Tinder matches in unflattering portraits.

Along the way, she’s shown her work at venues like the Denver Art museum and the Frye Art Museum, Seattle.

She was also included in the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art’s contemporary-art roundup, “State of the Art.” Like Siren, some of Lee’s previous works have also called on mythical references, like the 2012 operatic performance .

(When the app started, the questions were penned by Seattle artists.) Artists often deal with visibility and lack thereof, and one of Siren’s main selling points is that it aims to discourage the creepy, harassing guys who plague other dating sites and apps by allowing women to remain invisible until they decide they like a guy. It allows you to indicate whether you are male or female or if you don’t classify yourself in that binary way.

It also lets you indicate whether you’re open to dating transgender people.

and I was living on the New Jersey shore at the time.

(He was actually the second Tony I’d gone out with, it being the Jersey shore.) I remember feeling…underwhelmed.Another fun feature is that it allows women to sign up invisibly so that they can check out men’s profiles and point them out to their friends—a function called “wing woman.” And, back to those mythical women, the “siren call” feature lets women send out a signal to people nearby that they’re ready to meet up right away, be it for coffee or something racier.The app’s attempt to create a friendlier, safer environment seems to be paying off; the company claims to have had zero reports of harassing messages.Missing the spark despite millions of messages exchanged, let down in a way that only deliberate, digitally orchestrated dates can inspire.Unfortunately, our modern approach to romance still fails to convey the visceral magic of a person.Lee, who has often created mixed-medium works that use technology to comment on connection and isolation.

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