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– More here Massive Dutch-run child pornography ring revealed 3/16/2011/ PM 184 suspects have already been arrested in a large-scale international child pornography ring centred in the Netherlands.Speaking from the Hague, Europol Director Rob Wainwright, together with law enforcement representatives from five countries, announced the break-up of the internet ring on Wednesday.

The members of the network went into a private channel,, and then used its secret systems to share films and images of abused children, said Rob Wainwright, director of European police agency Europol.

Peter Davies, Director of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, says arrests were being made yesterday and today in the UK and more are planned for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, five arrests have been made in the United States and 17 in Spain.

“Money is clearly not the motivating factor, unlike most other forms of organized crime.” – Source UK Metro Police IT expert caught with child porn 3/9/2011/ ET Joseph Mc Cabe was working at the Met Police at the time of his arrest A computer expert granted clearance to analyse police computers has been jailed for 14 months after being caught with a huge stash of child pornography.

Joseph Mc Cabe, 52, was working as an IT consultant for the Metropolitan Police Service at the time of his arrest.

Solicitor John Boyle, defending, said Mc Cabe had “binge downloaded” massive consignments of child porn so he could view the images “at his leisure” later.

Video clips Mr Boyle told Perth Sheriff Court: “He found himself on a downward spiral.

The global forum had 70,000 followers at its height, leading to 4,000 intelligence reports being sent to police across 30 countries.

The operation has so far identified 670 suspects and 230 abused children.

Detectives say 184 people have been arrested – 121 of them were in the UK. The three-year investigation, Operation Rescue, was led by investigators from the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

Speaking at a news conference at The Hague in the Netherlands, investigators said the network hid behind a legal online forum which operated out of the country – but its members came from around the world.

The investigation, called Operation Rescue, started three years ago.

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