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The Palissy Company and the Hammersley trade name were sold to Aynsley China in 1989. Royal Worcester and Spode are now owned by Portmeirion.A small Hammersley vase (about 5″ tall) with a wild strawberries design.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

Sadly Avery and Salter now produce all their products in China (as confirmed in an email from Salter of ). HP Sauce (now owned by Heinz) is no longer made in Britain.

I am pretty sure they will not get this kind of longevity from their Chinese made products. HP still use an image of the House of Commons on their bottles, which of course they should not.

————————- Henry Heath’s The factory building remains, just behind Oxford Street and I don’t know when they closed. The nemesis of Witney Blankets was probably the introduction of widespread central heating, the rise in popularity of the duvet and cheap imports.

Once one of the world’s greatest hat makers and famous for their top hats. Blankets are still made in the UK (for example by Hainsworth) but Early’s, the last blanket making company in Witney, closed down in 2002 (Witney Mill).

————————- Hoover (vacuum cleaners) is another company who have closed all their UK factories.

———————— Dyson now make all their products abroad too.

————————- The last two cigarette factories in UK are to close.

Production is to move to Germany and Poland or Romania. The words “Made in the UK” are clearly visible but this won’t be the case much longer if Japan Tobacco go ahead with closing the UK factory.

The question as to whether religion can block economic development and institutional change, or is a purely endogenous factor, assumes particular importance today because of the rise of Islamist movements and the disappointing economic performances in the lands of Islam.

This paper starts from a critical examination of the thesis of Bernard Lewis according to which the lack of separation between religion and politics creates particular difficulties on the way to modern economic growth in these lands.

——————————————— In 1970 Hammersley was bought by Carborundum who had already purchased W. The Hammersley trade name was taken over by Palissy Pottery Ltd, part of the group, in 1982 and the Hammersley’s Works closed in that year.