Validating xhtml code

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Validating xhtml code - accommodating approach

For more information about the XHTML standard, see the specification for the Second Edition of XHTML 1.0 on the W3C Web site. NET now conforms to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard. Some of the XHTML rules that differ from HTML include the following: Under some circumstances, you might want ASP.

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To check the validity of the XHTML for your pages, you must use a service that runs the page and checks its output.The validation site requests the page and produces a report of any errors that it finds.Alternatively, you can save the source for a Web page and submit it as a file to the validation service.This is typically true when you have existing pages that rely on tags or attributes that were supported in earlier versions of ASP. You can configure your Web site to render markup in three ways: declaration that identifies the page as an XHTML page and references the XHTML schema to which it conforms.The page must also include attributes on the HTML tag that reference the XHTML namespace. NET does not automatically create a declaration and an XML namespace declaration.CSS HTML Validator is for web professionals, webmasters, corporations, government agencies, individuals, teachers, students, non-profit organizations, or anyone with a website.

It's guaranteed to improve your website or your money back. NET allows you to create Web pages that are conformant with XHTML standards.XHTML is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard that defines HTML as an XML document.I could do a workaround with an onload Java Script event, but that seems needless.Regardless this doesn't affect the output, but I'd rather my site validate.Unknown attributes of HTML controls are passed through to the rendered control output and will not validate as valid XHTML markup.

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