Radiocarbon dating dinosaurs

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Radiocarbon dating dinosaurs

Incremental migrations across lakes and calm coastal regions were taking place by nomads using logs or rafts by a million years BC.

It can be identified on ceramic pots from the Naquada Phase of pastoral villages at campsites along the Nile River.Modern historians have wrongly assumed that the so-called “Fourth Continent” was added simply to balance the globe.On the contrary, many Phoenicians and Greeks sailed to the overseas land below the equator.The inheritors of the ancient world map were Phoenician mariners who served as the principal carriers of transoceanic commerce from 1000 BC to about 200 BC.Roman victory at the culmination of the Punic Wars in 146 BC ended Phoenician dominance of trade on the Mediterranean Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico.Similar chopping tools (called adzes) used the same kinds of bronze blades in regions such as Egypt and Greece that obtained tools from Phoenicians as did the ancient natives of Mexico and Peru (bottom panels).

Eratosthenes’ Map extended the land-mass of Asia towards the east in about 194 BC.

The beauty of the ancient maps is that they contain precise details called “Diagnostic Geographical Markers.” These “markers” serve the same function as fingerprints found at a crime scene.

These cartographical fingerprints contain unmistakable coastlines, geographical positions on the globe, references of longitude and latitude, proximities to identifiable mainland or islands, place names of cities or territorial titles (also called toponyms), and often text that identifies key features of topography, climate, vegetation, or native species of animals.

Modern scholars would do well to abandon this myopic mental baggage, because the survival and prosperity of our species depends upon making an accurate appraisal of where we have come from in the past and where we need to be heading in the future.

All the world’s peoples (and all religions) played a role in the past; and together we must build the pathway into the future.

New World Natives were dependent upon Phoenician merchants for iron and bronze tools.