Conduct invalidating

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Jones leads the California Department of Insurance and regulates the California insurance market.

[9] The above clauses were considered by the LAC in South African Local Government Association v Independent Municipal Allied Trade Union and Others (supra).Named "Consumer Champion" by the California Consumer Federation, Jones was also awarded the "Leadership Award" by the Western Center on Law and Poverty.Planned Parenthood, Environment California, the Urban League, Preschool California and Cal PIRG have all honored his work.The Bargaining Committee may appoint a chairperson from outside the delegates of the parties’ representatives.16.1 All decisions of the Central Council, Division or any Committee concerning substantive matters shall require a two-thirds concurrent majority of the Employer Representatives on the one hand and a two-thirds concurrent majority of the Trade Union representatives to the Council on the other hand.[8] A further clause of the Constitution is cited by the applicant as relevant to the issue of whether the DPCC was validly concluded, and that is clause 17, which is headed ‘Procedure for the Negotiation of Collective Agreements’.In 1995, Jones was one of only 13 Americans awarded the prestigious White House Fellowship. Jones served on the Sacramento City Council from 1999 to 2004.

He served in the Clinton Administration for three years as Special Assistant and Counsel to U. Jones graduated with honors from De Pauw University, Harvard Law School and Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

that the applicant has made a factual representation through its conduct since 2010 (by initiating disciplinary hearings in terms of the DPCCA) that in the view of the City that the agreement is valid.

I must agree with the applicant’s submissions on this point that the very fact that the alleged representation is a representation as to the opinion of the City, is a sufficient basis to dismiss this defence.

Capitol Weekly named Jones California's "most effective legislator" other than the Assembly Speaker and the Senate President Pro Tempore.

The American Psychiatric Association awarded Jones its prestigious Jacob K.

Jones received the 2012 Distinguished Advocate Award from Autism Speaks.