Dating neighbor

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Dating neighbor

I'm going to do the same and then binge watch some TV shows." "Hell of a Saturday night." "Don't rub it in, Mike," she said. She was a perfect little petite brunette with the cutest dimples and the sweetest face.

I caught up to her and blessedly was able to stop running. I followed a few steps behind, watching her round, toned rump flex and jiggle in her stretchy gray shorts. At least running circles around me hand't been too easy for her either. " I managed to say between gasps to catch my breath. As we emerged from the trees and headed back to our building, I wondered where all this was going. It was cool in the shade of the trees, and we enjoyed the air in a comfortable silence. William Danforth Carter hadn't given me much more than a grunt when I handed in my reports at half past six. That wasn't unusual for him; he was a colossal prick, after all. No, it wasn't my boss that had me whistling and nearly skipping down the sidewalk to the door of my little apartment. It was a pretty nice day, but it suddenly seemed quite a bit too warm. " Caroline squealed like a young girl and pushed past me to run down the wooden steps. She led me down the stairs and across the parking lot to the edge of the trail the wound through the woods before meeting up with a circular jogging path around a local park. It wasn't until we burst from the woods that I pulled shoulder to shoulder with her, and that took every bit of speed I had in me. " "That must suck." "It's not great," she said sadly.

"I'd like to find a nice guy to date, have a real relationship and all that stuff. Sure, a lot of guys are willing to have sex with us, but to be in a relationship? "Sure, but I generally don't just hop into the sack with people without getting to know them first," I said. We could turn our seperate ways and the whole uncomfortable encounter would be over, just like that. I moved so fast I nearly dropped my dinner on the stairs leading up to my door. A big, burly guy was running down the stairs right at me. That time a couple of months ago when she went on a rant about the transgender bathroom laws in another state while I stood in front of my door with my keys in my hand nodding and agreeing with her. Sure enough, her black panties seemed to be stretched very tightly around a bulge a good deal bigger than one would expect to find between a genetic woman's legs. I blushed and stammered and tried to make myself sound sophisticated. My best defense against that was to try to be charming. Maybe I should find a nice straight guy like you who isn't intimidated by me, or hung up on how big his dick is. I'd never considered dating a woman like her before, and the way she was looking at me made me more than a little nervous. "I don't know..." "What, are you afraid I'm going to run circles around you? "Just give me a second to get my shoes and socks on." She turned and headed back into her apartment before I could protest. All I could think about while she was gone was her perfect bosom and that bulge in her panties. And it wasn't the smell of hot spicy barbeque in the take out bag I was holding. Sweet, wonderful, adorable little Julie whom I'd worked with for two and a half years. I could either stand there like an idiot, or join in her fun and run after her.

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