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This series was planned reprint the first eight graphic novel collections in glossy format with new coloring and lettering.

In March 2003 it was announced that after 25 years of self-publication the Pinis had licensed all publishing and merchandising rights in the series to DC Comics, although the Pinis retained creative control.

The full-length novel Elf Quest: Journey to Sorrows End, which included both text and several black-and-white illustrated plates, was published by Playboy in 1982, and Berkley in March 1984.

In 1985, the original series was reprinted in 32 installments with additional bridging pages (necessitated by the Marvel comics, at 22 pages each, breaking at different points in the story than the Warp comics, which were 32 pages) and published by Marvel Comics's Epic imprint.

The historical background of the Wolfriders was filled out in Blood of Ten Chiefs, Two-Spear, and Kahvi.

The future of Abode was explored in The Rebels and Jink, set at a time when humans have reached space and colonized other worlds and the elves have all but disappeared.

Towards the end of their runs, in the mid-1990s, most of these titles reverted to black and white in North America, though some were published in color in Europe.

In large part as a response to the shrinking direct market in the mid-1990s, continuing storylines were collapsed together into a single 64-page anthology series introduced by the one shot Metamorphosis.

The music CD A Wolfrider's Reflections is an album of folk songs based on elements from the original quest.

Several collectibles, calendars, apparel, a role-playing game and figurines have been sold over the years.

Elfquest was one of the first comic book series to have a planned conclusion.

Over the years Elfquest has been self-published by the Pinis through their own company Warp Graphics, then Marvel Comics, (Sandwiched between Elfquest's "Fire and Flight" parts one and two was a brief story written by T.

A fifth tribe of elves, the Wave Dancers, was introduced only to be redacted from continuity.