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Foreigners, men and women, who have ridden all about the country know perfectly well that they can do so in all security; not only will the Haitian peasant not think of stealing, but he will even often refuse any remuneration for the hospitality he so readily offers.

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The truth is of very little account to a certain class of travelers.

Provided that their sensational books be sold, what matter to them that they outrage the honor and the dignity of a whole nation!

However, imputation of cannibalism and Vaudou will be looked into later on; for the time being it is the characteristics and customs of the Haitians which are in question.

Men and women alike dress well; those whose income permits it, order their clothes from Paris.

They are fond of entertaining; the christening of a child, engagements (fiançailles), birthday and wedding anniversaries, all of these occasions form a pretext for entertaining.

Customs and manners of the people; their hospitality—Marriage and divorce—The Haitian woman—The Haitians are not lazy—They entertain no race prejudice—Advantages which foreigners enjoy; their safety—Naturalization—Right to hold real estate.

One of the chief characteristics of the Haitian peasant is his thorough kind-heartedness; he is free from all envious thoughts and is pleased with his lot, his few wants being so easily satisfied.Other striking characteristics of the Haitians are their open-heartedness and straightforwardness; their word may be relied upon, and in friendship they are sincere and devoted.They are intensely patriotic, although they will be the first to laugh at their own failings and shortcomings.This tendency to treat everything with raillery is strongly noticeable in the popular songs.During the festivities of the carnival the satiric spirit knows no restraint. From the President of Haiti down to the humblest citizen no one whose behavior has merited it is immune from the attack in the popular songs; in spite of the comical form in which it is clothed this has become a great moral force, and many men and women who might be inclined to do otherwise behave so as to avoid becoming the theme of a song which would soon be heard about the streets in every part of the city.He has no cause for hatred, nature's liberality supplying him with all that he requires. On week days his costume consists of a "vareuse" and trousers made of blue denim; sandals, and a broad-brimmed straw hat.

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