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Rogers hadn't been at the kitchen for awhile but was working ...

24 for breaking and entering have been linked to the break-in and arson of Graphix Signs and Embroidery in Holland Township. 24 near the corner of of East Lakewood Boulevard and 112th Avenue.They may not be as loud, nor have as many flashy tattoos, but they are educated, experienced and wonderful teachers," says her agent, Kristen Green.Time magazine's November cover story, "The 13 Gods of Food," featured not one female chef, sparking a national discussion about why women aren't promoted in professional kitchens as quickly as their male counterparts.When police arrived there were able to apprehend the two suspects.Owners of the dry cleaning business told WZZM 13 the pair took their computer as well as their DVR system, connected to the surveillance cameras.Ever since Holland mimicked her mother's movements on a play stove in the family kitchen, she's been determined to become a culinary celebrity.

"I want to create an empire," she says, taking a break from the waffle irons. I feel my concept of seasonal soul food can translate to a lot of cultures; African American culture has gone worldwide with hip-hop, but it hasn't been exploited gastronomically." Her second restaurant, B-Side BBQ, in an even more graffiti-pocked section of West Oakland, is gaining steam as resilient followers seek out her on-site smoked brisket and small-batch bourbon cocktails.The 16-year-old is currently being held in a youth home.Prosecutors are working to have the 16-year-old waived up to circuit court.Sharing a joke with Mario Batali on "The Chew." Within the space of 18 months, it seems like Tanya Holland, the first chef to create a destination restaurant in oft-forgotten West Oakland, is everywhere, reinventing soul food.Ever since the French-trained former Food Network chef opened Brown Sugar Kitchen six years ago in a hardscrabble neighborhood of peeling Victorians and abandoned brick factories, diners have been lining up, 1,800 each week, often waiting 90 minutes for her signature organic buttermilk-fried chicken and cornmeal waffles.The "Today" show is talking about another segment with Holland in the spring, and executives from Oprah's OWN network have reached out to Holland to talk about a possible show. She worked for a dozen New York kitchens and catering companies, including Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, and trained at Peter Kump's New York Cooking School (now known as the Institute of Culinary Education), then La Varenne in Burgundy, France, where she studied with cheesemakers, bakers and fishmongers and learned how to make traditional sauces and cook seasonally.

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