Restore ipod without updating firmware

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I read your directions twice before even attempting it and it worked first time lik a charm. Even where you said you have to try multiple times it worked first time. When I click on the jaibreak button,the process’ starting and then it stops and keep saying: tmp24112has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

You can follow us on Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook, and Subscribed to RSS Feed to receive latest updates.You may return to the Springboard (by pressing the Home button) after that (your i Pod will reset itself; nothing to worry about.) STEP 3: PERFORMING THE V1.1.2 UPGRADE Launch i with your i Pod connected.Select your i Pod touch and click the Update button to tell i Tunes to update your i Pod touch to version 1.1.2.You cannot upgrade your i Pod touch to version 1.1.2.As far as jailbreaking is concerned, your i Pod touch is already jailbroken.Version 1.1.3 now shows up in your i Tunes after Step 2 instead of the expected version 1.1.2. After that you’ll see a new folder containing, among other files, a Java app named “jailbreak.jar”. You’ll want to change the default password from alpine to something unique. During this period, your i might launch, and scream about getting some errors. The Jailbreaking hasn’t done rebooting and your i Tunes hence can’t access your i Pod correctly.

Double-click on it to run the app, then follow its instructions. But once the multi-reboot process is done, everything will be alright. Just navigate to the “Uninstall” option and pick the app you wish to remove from your i Pod touch. FAQ: Mornin’ Mom, I assume you meant tapping “App Snap”? I can run it, but about 3 seconds in it gives me an error saying it cant connect to my i Pod, and that I should restart my computer and reconnect my i Pod.If you run into Error 3194 from i Tunes, you can temporarily fix 3194 error by pointing i Tunes to Cydia’s SHSH server where you’ve SHSH blobs saved for that particular firmwares.Occurs when trying to install an old firmware and Apple’s server disallows the installation.Thank you for great directions, I even downloaded the iphone apps and they work great. I have an intel based mac and use firefox to download and have a good internet connection. Windows’ll close the program and notify you if a solution is available. i Tunes error 3194 usually appears when you’re trying to restore an unsigned firmware, often during an i OS downgrade or even during some restores.Go install new apps (refer to Step 9 below) and start enjoying your Pod touch.