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Xnxx came online - Live chat in chinese sex

You must be completely honest for my treatment to work. ” “Kkkk,” she moaned, obeying the order and clearly desperate to come again. I don’t do it just for the personal pleasure (although that is very rewarding too), I do it to liberate young woman from the sexual expectations that hold them back.If I learn you lied to me, I will quit the treatment instantly.” After double checking my questions, I sent the email. Name: Jenny Age: 18 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember Favorite Band: Tegan & Sara Three passions: Reading, writing, movies What is your biggest stress: Getting into Harvard. I went downstairs; pulled out the new strap-on I had bought for this very occasion and returned to a hungry suddenly insatiable teenager. Jenny wanted to be a lesbian, Jenny is submissive and I just pushed her over the edge to discover her true nature, to accept her true sexuality.

Having built a brief relationship with her I tried to set her up for my plan: “If you want I can help you, but I need to know more about you.” Her response was immediate and clearly she was waiting at her e-mail: “What do you need to know? I licked her with long, wide strokes and her moaning increased.

She always wears her dark brown hair in pigtails or a braid and her glasses made her look like a nerd or a geek, whatever term you prefer. Jenny78ph: Um, still me, although I do look sexier. Jenny78ph: I suppose, I have always been insecure about how others see me. Once naked, I never felt more vulnerable as she looked me over. At that exact moment I picked up the phone called her cell number. Her breathing was stilted and it was obvious she had obeyed my instruction. “I hate to ask last minute, but I desperately need a babysitter tonight,” I said, adding, “any chance you can be a dear and come over? “You can call me Megan,” I said, dropping another hint of my double identity. Jenny78ph: Like a friend who is a girl or a ‘girlfriend’. “Jenny, I know exactly what you need.”I said gently, “even if you don’t.

Anyways, Jenny was a senior in high school and had turned 18 a couple months ago when I started noticing that she was often checking out my long legs and large breasts. She commented, “Why do you hide such a beautiful body with such unflattering clothes.” My face flushed again at a compliment from the girl I had fantasized about forever, the girl that made me reconsider my sexuality. “Aaaaah, please lick my vagina,” I moaned, giving myself to her. Jenny78ph: Sorry, yes Mistress, I will obey ALL instructions. ” I shook my head when I realized I had used the word ‘dear’. Jenny said, “OK, Megan, I will be there at eight.” “Eight is great,” I quipped, before adding, “See you then.” I hung up and saw Jenny had continued our cyber conversation. You are submissive and a people pleaser, as your naughty story clearly showed. You are confused about your sexuality, and tonight I will help you discover your true sexuality.” “Kkkkkk,” she whimpered, my finger causing her great pleasure, a constant teasing distraction.

Some of the titles she read included: “Suburban Submission”, “Cynthia’s Submission”, “The Professor’s New Toy”, “Bashful Betty” and most interesting “Seducing the Babysitter”. Anyways, your answers to my questions made it clear you lack self-confidence. Therefore, I believe how you look and what you wear builds self-confidence. These build my confidence as I get many looks from other men and women. I moved up, kissing behind her knee, her mid thigh, her clit, up her belly and then her lips.

It became clear to me that she was a submissive looking for someone to dominate her. And although I can advise on almost any academic topic, I have never been able to release my stress.” I sent an email that stated: Hi, I am sorry for emailing you personally. My e-mail back tried to dig deeper and build trust: What things stress you out? Would you say that is true Jenny78ph: I suppose, I am average looking and considered to be a nerd by most of my classmates. She eagerly kissed me back, moaning in my mouth with a new determined hunger. “My pussy, please lick my pussy Megan,” she pleaded, an intense desperation in her voice which was adorably sexy.

A couple of days later, after doing some routine computer maintenance I had her computer running as fast as when it was new. “I need to come so baaaaaad.” “Tell me you are a lezzie-slut,” she demanded back, flicking my clit with her tongue. Jenny78ph: Yes Dr Meg: and I am also guessing it is one where one woman dominates and controls another. Dr Meg: And you are the submissive one, because after being high strung and stressed at school or work, you want to just let go and be told what to do. If there was an internal struggle between good girl Jenny and sexually curious Jenny it was a short one.

Curious of what she did online, I searched her search history and learned she loved a site called Literotica, an erotica story site. Jenny78ph: Beige thigh highs, a long skirt and the same t-shirt. Now I want you to wear a skirt that is short enough for people to notice your thigh highs if you are sitting. My whole body quaked with one touch and I declared my sexuality without hesitation. I love licking your beautiful pussy and will be your lezzie-slave who drops to her knees anytime, anywhere to get just a taste of your perfection.” “Fuck, that is hot,” she purred, burying her face between my legs. Going for broke, confident I had read her right, I said, backing up a few feet to admire her, “My sweet dear Jenny, it is time.Her constant glances had me wondering if she may be a lesbian or at least curious and decided to find out. Jenny78ph: I don’t mean to be rude, but how will this help me relieve my stress. “I-I-I don’t know.” “You don’t know how sexy you are, do you? “Um, I,” babbled unable to complete a full thought, drowning in the compliments and in the desire to be touched. “Vagina,” she laughed softly, her fingers meandering to my other nipple. ” I paused, I almost never swore, but her fingers pinching my nipple had me distracted and horny. Do you want an online Mistress to guide you as you attempt to discover your true sexuality? Dr Meg: And you will obey my instructions without hesitation? Dr Meg: Now slide two fingers in that sweet cunt of yours and come for Mistress Megan. Luckily she didn’t make the correlation that her next door neighbor Megan and the online Mistress were one and the same. We will continue our conversation tomorrow, is that clear, my dear? Jenny78ph: That is ok, I have to go babysit for my neighbor in an hour. You want to explore your sexuality but don’t know how to even start. “Please, don’t stop,” she again whispered, such words difficult for her to say. ” I questioned, pushing her deeper into admitting her desires and needs. “I do need to make something very clear, my dear,” I whispered, my tongue darting in and out of her ear. ” she asked, clearly distracted by my finger in her pussy and my tongue in her ear. I will take you to new levels of euphoria you have only imagined. ” “Yes,” she admitted, as if such a declaration was something to be ashamed of. “But if you submit to me tonight, I will expect you to be my submissive.Now I should note I am a computer technician and a seduction plan practically fell in my lap. Reaching me, she asked, her finger slowly moving between my breasts, “Do you want me to eat your cunt? “Pardon,” she asked, her finger slowly gliding to my erect right nipple. “My pussy,” I moaned again, a mixture of pleasure and pain. ” she asked, her finger now slowly travelling south. By her hesitation, I could tell she didn’t want to, she wanted to keep chatting with cyber me. On the phone, I pleaded, “Sorry, Jenny, but I am so desperate, please I will pay you double.” “Sure, sure,” Jenny said, her usual can’t say no, people pleaser self, always sacrificing her time to help others. I am here to help you, Jenny.” Jenny looked me directly in my eyes. She looked tentative, yet I knew she had already made up her mind. I responded by moving my finger ever so slowly in her. You will taste your first pussy and I will fuck you,” I explained. If you agree, you must obey every order I give without hesitation. I know what you need and crave, but I expect unconditional loyalty in return.”I explained, my finger touching, ever so briefly, her g-spot.The potential seduction is a temperamental thing and could either pull her in or scare her off. Jenny screamed, “Oh my god, don’t stop, yes, yes, it feels so good.” I continued to heat her up, get her revved for more and after a few more minutes of licking and fingering, I suddenly stood up. Watching my cute, shy, sweet teenage babysitter slowly bobbing up and down on my cock was one of the hottest moments of my life.Finally, happy with my questions I wrote her: “Dear sweet Jenny, if you are seriously interested, you must answer the following questions. She whimpered, “Noooooo.” “Get on all fours,” I ordered, adding, “And don’t you dare touch your cunt, is that understood? Anytime I have turned a straight girl, or pulled a bi-curious girl into the world of lesbian submission I get a joy and sense of accomplishment I cannot explain.:} I would love it if you came to see more of me and my friends exclusive pictures and videos only seen here at my website.