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On April 2, the judge had found Mc Arthur guilty of possessing child pornography, and now, because of a prior offense, he faced a ten-year minimum prison term. Attorney Carrie Costantin argued that Mc Arthur deserved a stiffer penalty because he'd shown a pattern of deviant behavior.On this Friday morning of July 25, the only question left unresolved was whether Stohr might mete out an even longer sentence. In 1986, Mc Arthur pleaded guilty to child sodomy, and Costantin read aloud the statement he gave police more than twenty years ago.

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A tall, square-shouldered brunette, Koppel stepped out of her patrol car and strode over to the maroon sedan. Mc Arthur had one hand on the steering wheel, the other wrapped around his penis. "He was going at it." While booking Mc Arthur for public indecency, Koppel came across a photograph in his wallet. "There are certain alarms that go off." Three days later, county police officers showed up at Mc Arthur's Ballwin home with a search warrant and seized his computer.

"They'd be sitting there watching a basketball game.

He'd say, 'Turn around and stick out your tongue.' He'd paste that onto an adult sex act." Mateja oversees a St.

Mateja says the 57-year-old Kincade was not surprised to see officers show up at his St. In his possession were 500 photos and 157 videos, all of it child pornography.

Now serving a twelve-year sentence, Buehrle sent a thank-you letter to the arresting officer, Mateja remembers, "for stopping his addiction before it went any further." Then there was Michael Gulley, youth pastor at Grace Baptist Church in St. He'd shoot pictures of twelve- and thirteen-year-old girls and paste their heads onto adult bodies so it looked like they were having sex with him.

Because the obscene images are traded openly on the Internet and stored on hard drives like a winter's worth of acorns, investigators can reel in suspects by the dozen.

Child pornography cases are so commonplace that detective Ken Nix, who oversees a computer forensics unit in Clayton, says the outcome is expected."The person's going to go to court," he says, "and be found guilty." The hunt for child pornography has taken St. Chris Mateja to dozens of doorsteps over the past five years.Often, he won't bother to obtain a search warrant before he knocks.Earlier this summer, Roderick Mc Arthur shuffled into a courtroom at the Thomas F.Eagleton Federal Building for his sentencing hearing.One of Mc Arthur's supporters buried her face in her hands before the prosecutor finally concluded, "He stated he touched a minor's vagina on two occasions." Molesting the twelve-year-old girl wasn't the last of Mc Arthur's offenses, Costantin said, reminding the judge that Mc Arthur had come to the attention of investigators after he was caught exposing himself in a West County Center parking lot.