Sissy chat rooms

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Sissy chat rooms - Srilanka sex room porn

For instance: When addressing your Mistress do you always remember to curtsy?Have you been practicing your curtsy until you can do so in a graceful, fluid way?

) it will take constant remembrance, and some stern reminders, before you are fully ready and worthy to be used as a presentable property. This kind of sissy is nothing more than an egotistical male mocking the superiority of Women.They say that you need to learn the core of what is intended from the House curriculum.Servitude begins in the inner state of a sissy’s mind.Eradicate from your behavior the male “qualities” Although it is only appropriate to use your sissy name while presenting as her, it is required that you wear your panties at all times (unless specifically otherwise instructed by your Superior). Whether you are in a board meeting or building a house, you are not the male you are presenting yourself as….but instead a panty clad little sissy under the constant control of your Mistress and the House!Remember, your Superior would not be punishing you if She did not derive pleasure from it.

For you to submit to Her, is to offer Her your body, for Her chosen purpose and pleasure.

The good news is that even if you find that you are with someone who does not openly condone your sissy needs, you can still practice this most essential part privately while introducing your Superior to the benefits of your becoming.

If a sissy practices her feminine poise at all times….

When sitting NEVER sit with your legs apart, or with one ankle resting on the knee of the opposing leg.

These are positions that men sit in, they are NOT acceptable for you ever again.

If one professes to be a sissy and yet cannot submit his actions to his Superior he is little more than an imposter, a wannabee, a pawn to his own inflated ego, feeling that somehow if he manages to feminize himself he will be even greater. Not only is he not a sissy but he is not even a man.

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