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Since I had just been through premarital counseling, I pretty much felt like an expert at marriage. Because of this, my toddler is screaming her head off, signing “MORE! When I ask what’s for dinner, she glares at me the way only an overworked, overtired work-from-home-momma can glare (it can scald your pupils…so the legend goes). My wife and I collapse on the couch, avoiding eye contact and avoiding volunteering to clean the kitchen. It’s either not true at all, or highly exaggerated…or spot on. Some would say to not have any expectations at all. I think healthy, realistic expectations that are communicated are good to have. But when you come into a situation and your expectations aren’t met, let your observation take the lead.

(I won’t get into all that…that’s another story for another day.) In one of the presenter’s talks, he asked the audience what the biggest cause of divorce was. Since that seminar six years ago, I have seen the pain and frustration that plays out from having unmet expectations, not just in marriage, but in But having unmet expectations isn’t just a marriage problem. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, married, working, unemployed, old, young or [insert demographic here]. I come home from work thirty minutes late, and dinner hasn’t even been thought of…much less started. ” When I search for my wife, I find her working on a design project trying to meet a deadline that’s technically already past due. Toys are scattered throughout the living room just waiting to break someone’s ankle. (DISCLAIMER: In no way was that illustration indicative of my actual life.Then start writing love messages to those with whom you want to meet.Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest. Not only was I given a sharp lesson in humility, but what followed changed my life. Meanwhile, my 16-month old daughter will sit in her high chair and eat with utensils…never missing her mouth, which makes cleanup a breeze. She’ll be wearing an apron with no food stains on it (because she’s perfect like that) and her hair will be perfectly done up.Answer by filling in the blank: please answer freely.

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Serial numbers are counters and a security feature but rarely affect a bill's value.

Some collectors will pay extra for numbers with a special pattern, e.g.

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