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Julie Lawson, executive director of the Crime Victim Advocacy Center of St.

So the earlier version was scrapped, with the current proposal still allowing for some changes. Charles man, 40, who asked not be identified, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge in 1998, when he was 24.Schad said some employers are reluctant to hire sex offenders because they know the address of their business will be listed on the site.The state sex offender registry took effect in 1995.Some defense attorneys fear that while the proposed bill is an improvement, it will not do enough.As things stand now, judges rarely allow petitioners off the list, attorneys say."Emotions are going to win over medicine," said Matthew Fry, a Clayton-based defense attorney.

"What sex offender who can't find a job is going to be able to pay the legal fees to get off the registry?

"Most sex offenses are committed by relatives, friends, people who know the victim," he said.

"The best source of protections are the concerned adults in the kid's life." The current bill also has evolved.

Supporters argue the current registry creates an undue burden on some offenders, who have struggled to find jobs or faced harassment from neighbors.

They also say it creates a burden on law enforcement officials, who are charged with keeping track of the offenders. The new law could cut as many as 5,000 people in its first year and 1,000 each year after, according to a study.

Those with offenses deemed to be less serious would not have been searchable on a public website but would have been visible to law enforcement agencies.