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Yugoslavia dating - statistics on dating

''We want to secure for a Croatian man that he has in Croatia the same rights as everyone else,'' Mr. But he did not elaborate and offered no indication of how the new government would define who is a Serb. Tudjman promised that the government would guarantee Croatia's minorities the same national and human rights that Western countries provide, including minority-language schools.The first order of business will be to reinforce Croatia's sovereignty in a new constitution, Mr.

A Croatian move toward greater political and economic autonomy would threaten further progress of the economic program that Prime Minister Ante Markovic, a Croat and one of Mr. Ultimatum to Markovic ''After we constitute the new Croatian parliament,'' Mr. Markovic would either have to accept the program of the new government or submit his resignation.'' The new Croatian government will not give the federal Government fiscal or monetary powers that Mr. This is the real reason about a third of the Croatian people live outside Croatia.'' Mr.

Perhaps you like to see how older world globes show the political boundaries of their times.

It is fascinating to see how countries and cities have changed their names over the decades, and the results of wars that have moved boundaries.

ZAGREB, Yugoslavia— Franjo Tudjman, who in the last decade had been imprisoned and was once barred from public life for five years for denouncing Yugoslavia's Communist Government, laughed heartily as he watched television to learn that he was way ahead in his electoral bid to form a government in the republic of Croatia.

Though runoff elections on May 6 and 7 will determine the new Parliament's final profile, Mr.

The following dates will help you "date your globe" and determine how old it might be. If yes, globe was made 1946-1961 o Gold Coast became Ghana in 1957. If so, globe was made after 1970 o Is Vietnam shown as one nation (not North & South)? o 1984 - Upper Volta changes name to Burkina Faso o 1991 - Soviet Union dissolves into 15 new countries1817 - New Holland becomes Australia 1819 - Florida ceded by Spain to US 1831-33 - discovery of Endrby's Land in antarctic 1846 - Van Dieman's Land becomes Tasmania (so.

These dates were compiled from Internet and book sources by Kate Register of Rice, Virginia. of Australia) 1856 - Burton and Speke discover Lake Tanganyika 1857 - John Speke discovers Lake Victoria 1867 - Alaska sold by Russia to US 1868 - Austro-Hungarian Empire established 1869 - Suez Canal complete 1878 - Serbia, Montenegro and Romania independent 1878 - Cyprus became British 1885 - Congo Free State (Congo State); Britain established Bechuanaland Protectorate in what is now Botswana. African states 1902 - Cuba independence 1903 - Panama independence 1905 - End of the Swedish-Norwegian Union (Norway independent); Sakhalin Island divided between Japan and Russia; Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces in Canada 1907 - Eastern Oklahoma was called Indian Territory until 1907. 1918 - 1940 - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania were independent. The whites demanded independence from Southern Rhodesia (Rhodesia from 1964).1964 - Malawi and Zambia independent from UK; Zambia was Northern Rhodesia. Guyana independent 1967 - French Somaliland changes to Afars & Issas (Fr.) 1968 - Equatorial Guinea independence. 1963 the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland dissolves. Singapore independence 1966 - Botswana, Gambia, and Lesotho independent. Bangladesh independence 1972 - Ceylon changes to Sri Lanka 1973 - Bahamas independence 1974 - Guinea-Bissau independence. 1975 - Angola (formally Portuguese West Africa) and Mozambique independent. (Velizar Vesovic); Map of Yugoslavia showing location of Croatia.Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes? 1921-24 - Irish Civil War 1922 - Russia changes to Soviet Union. 1923 - Turkey independent 1924 - Christiana, Norway renamed Oslo 1924 - Leningrad appears1930 - Constantinople becomes Istanbul 1931 - Japan invades Manchuria and renames it Manchukuo In 1931 South Africa became a fully sovereign and self-governing dominion under the British crown. In those years, an ultranationalist Croatian party known as the Ustase was set up with the help of Hitler and Mussolini to rule a Greater Croatian puppet state.