Moxie dating

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Moxie dating

Its more than obivoius he is yarning for some specail us time but he will never say it or act like they are a bother I’ve just started seeing someone and all these ideas are really good- I really like the board game idea, it’s so fun and simple!I recently set up a date night where I hang some lanterns in the back yard (just to make it look a little more romantic) and we lay in a double hammock with a bottle of wine, under the stars playing 20 questions, and just chatting.

When the mosquitoes get too bad, we'll head inside, take the laptop to bed, and watch cheesy ghost hunting shows, making fun of their fakeness.

It was even fun taking the family van out to pick up the kids from the sitters'!

We do board games sometimes and dance occasionally.

But while that may be regrettable (depending upon the couple and their preferences), it need not spell the end of romance. With a little creativity, stay-at-home date nights can be just as fun–if not more so–than your average night on the town.

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to get your creative juices flowing… Honestly, my favorite is so simple I don't even know if it counts!

This might sound silly, but we love to play Rock Band together! Although the laughter has been known to backfire and wake up the baby… A slow walk (not pushing a stroller) and actually holding hands. I loved this post, and it came at a most apropos time for me, as my husband and I have been trying to figure out more ways for us to connect as a couple with very limited free time and money. Grace in my Heart, we love drinking wine on the back porch and chatting, too!

We'll put the kids to bed and then either pop open some wine or my husband will make mixed drinks and we will rock the night away. It makes me feel like I've "gone out" without leaving the basement, and we always end up laughing a ton and having a great time. A glass of wine and snuggling up watching an episode of a favorite 22-minute TV show on the ipad cozy in bed. The first anniversary after our youngest was born was tight for various reasons.

I'll read a book while he and the baby nap, and the big kids play nearby. Finally, sometimes it's easier to get a sitter on a Saturday morning than a Saturday night–so we'll go for a bike ride, maybe stop at the bakery.

We like to pick up dinner from a nice grocery store (like Central Market) so it feels like we're being "fancy" and I don't have lots of dishes to do later! Also, though this idea is one that involves going out, we are planning this for our 5 year anniversary this week– we'll eat dinner at home with the kids, put them to bed, get a sitter for an hour or two, and go to a local fancy restaurant for coffee and a dessert to split.

But I just love to have a glass of wine with my hub on the back porch and chat.

Nothing fancy- just sharing our hopes, dreams, and things we hope to accomplish one day.

Because the food takes longer to eat, it stimulates converstation, as does the special cocktail he invented for me.

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