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“Saoradh will continue to campaign for and help the victims of this crisis, regardless of the efforts to silence our activists.” Posted by Jim on Contrasting views of the North’s Civil Rights Association and how it relates to where we are as we approach the 50th anniversary of its first campaign.‘WE HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE’ By Sinn Fein Chairman Declan Kearney (for Billy Nelis was an ordinary man. He and his generation and their parents experienced first hand the injustice of the northern state.

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However, the book was refused to prisoner Connor Highes and then banned by the prison authorities, ostensibly on account of the cover image which appears on the book.

It was prohibited just days before it was broadcast on the BBC.

The Cogus spokesperson described the move as “sectarian” and “alludes to an agenda that is both anti-Irish and anti-nationalist.

Mr Mc Carthy said it is a violation of the European Human Rights Convention.

He said his concerns are not about nationality, but human rights and fears the situation will worsen once Britain exits the EU.

Infamous images of the RUC beating protestors at Duke Street were broadcast around the world by the international media.

The Civil Rights Movement gave expression to the popular outrage against the injustice and discrimination in housing, jobs and right to vote which were systemic within the northern state.

Posted by Jim on February 10, 2018 Sinister agenda of prison authorities Republican prisoners have condemned the authorities in Maghaberry prison over a new clampdown on educational and historical materials at the jail.

The latest incident involves the memoir of former IRA diretor of operations, ‘My Life in the IRA’ by Mick Ryan.

That day in 1972 British soldiers killed 14 unarmed marchers who were engaged in peaceful protest against internment without trial in the north of Ireland.

One week previously another anti-internment protest was attacked by British soldiers on Magilligan strand.

Those targeted had been engaged in normal political activity, highlighting national issues such as internment and the homelessness crisis, as well as local issues like road safety.

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