Relative age dating and radiometric dating

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The father element being the Uranium and the end result creating the daughter element lead.Radioisotope dating is used to date igneous rocks that have cooled from their molten stage.

This process utilizes radioactive isotopes to date igneous rocks.

it is assumed that all daughter elements have escaped through the immense heat.

Once cooled, no elements will escape based on assumption.

Radioactive elements are unstable; they breakdown spontaneously into more stable atoms over time, a process known as radioactive decay.

Radioactive decay occurs at a constant rate, specific to each radioactive isotope.

This principle is very important in relative dating of geologic events and interpreting Earth history. Principle of lateral continuity: states that sediment extends laterally in all directions until it thins and pinches out or terminates against the edge of the depositional basin. Principal of original horizontality: Steno reasoned that sediment is deposited in essentially horizontal layers (Wicander & Monroe, 1995).

Hypothetical Example: Using relative dating methods Field setting of the ...Four principles of relative dating are of importance for this question: 1.Principle of superposition: Nicolas Steno realized that correct relative ages of horizontal (undeformed) strata could be determined by their position in a sequence of rock. Principle of cross-cutting Relationship: holds that an igneous intrusion or a fault must be younger than the rocks it intrudes or displaces.A commonly used radiometric dating technique relies on the breakdown of potassium (Ar in an igneous rock can tell us the amount of time that has passed since the rock crystallized.If an igneous or other rock is metamorphosed, its radiometric clock is reset, and potassium-argon measurements can be used to tell the number of years that has passed since metamorphism.In the event that elements do escape, is through radioactive decay.