Consolodating debt low interest

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Consolodating debt low interest

Once you take them into account it could be more like 60% to 40% or even better. For Obama to have won, A LOT of Whites must have voted for him.

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Mc Cain only needed 58-59% of the White vote to win.

Instead they insinuated all whites who didn’t vote for the black were racists.

Much worse than the non-whites are the white liberals.

Or has this always been merely a ruse to motivate liberal whites into thinking you really do care about blacks so they will vote for you? Mc Cain reminds me too much of Bush the First and Bob Dole.

Wouldn’t it be easier to try to get a few million extra whites motivated enough to come out and vote for you? Or does the media really and truly have you by the balls? Despite voting for Obama, several liberal causes, like gay marriage and affirmative action were defeated. Mc Cain swept illegal immigration and affirmative action under the rug, and he paid.

(John Kerry got 90% or so in 2004.) So whites still vote along the same party/ideological lines, while perhaps a few traditionally Republican blacks voted purely on race.

That 94% figure is a little misleading in light of all this; no black Republican would ever garnish that percentage of the black vote.

I sensed little enthusiasm for the Mc Cain-Palin ticket, outside a few on the right who seem to believe Sarah Palin is a cross between the Virgin Mary and Brunhilde—and that too is a Belief.

As is glaringly apparent from the above summary, whites and non-whites voted for two different and opposing Obamas.

This is the typical racial breakdown of the presidential vote, is it not?

A majority of whites almost always vote Republican, and blacks usually vote for Democrats to the tune of 88-90%, regardless of the race of the candidate.

The GOP will try for the center-swing vote in the 2010 midterms. I’m willing to put up with liberal democrats in office if it means getting rid of the GOP’s “Democrat Lite”.

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