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Key highlights of video include: Lily and Victoria are enslaved by a hypnotic camera flash Both girls stand entranced repeating mantras Victoria is made to tie Lily's hands together to a chair Victoria is converted into a robot in a brainwashing booth Victoria repeats her programming through the conversion Lily tries to wake Victoria from her trance but is unable Victoria walks through the room repeating her programming as Lily tries to wake her up Victoria hypnotizes Lily with a pocket watch Victoria converts Lily into a robot through hypnosis Lily repeats her programming during conversion Both girls are made to walk through the room repeating their programming The girls are sent on a mission to bring back more women for conversion No nudity File Size :727mb Resolution :1280x720mp4 Duration : Thumbnails : DOWNLOAD Ashley Sinclair - Love Potion Perfume [Hypno-Robo] Ashley Sinclair is one of the webs top crossover models - she does both Vanilla and fetish clips.She is going to mesmerize you with her natural tits, great ass and luscious legs.

Finally she fulfills a school girl fantasy you have always had......

PART TWO: Mindless Masturbation We put Cali under and compel her to masturbate mindlessly to orgasms while reciting her mantra.

We then bring her out, and she tries to hold a conversation while her interviewer uses the wand on her, testing her ability to interact while feeling stress.

She changes from a bratty cheerleader dressed in shorts and a t-shirt to a hot and horny bimbo slut dressed in a schoolgirl costume in this POV style Hypno-Robo clip.

No Sex "You come to Ashley's house to get tutoring with your school homework. You made some "love potion" in chemistry and put it into a perfume bottle.

PART THREE: Oral Training We continue to work with Cali to assist in her education, including oral training in various states.

PART FOUR: Mindless Orgasms and Sex Slave The session continues, and Cali still has her sweet, innocent outlook.As Alysha becomes hypnotized, she reveals her eyes to have spirals in them!Now fully obedient to her master, she quickly forgets all about her boyfriend and focuses only on being the best slave possible.You give it to Ashley as a "thank you" for all the help she has been giving you with your homework.Once she sprays the perfum she is head over heels in love with you.Now it's time for phase two of his plan - convert her into a mindless and obedient robot.

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