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From the beginning of 1961 "The" was dropped from the title. Since its first issue, New Scientist has written about the applications of science, through its coverage of technology.For example, the first issue included an article "Where next from Calder Hall?

Kingston Acquisitions then renamed itself New Scientist Ltd.

New Scientist currently contains the following sections: Leader, News (Upfront), Technology, Opinion (interviews, point-of-view articles and letters), Features (including cover article), Culture Lab (book and event reviews), Feedback (humour), The Last Word (questions and answers) and Jobs & Careers. There are 51 issues a year; with a Christmas and New Year double issue.

The double issue in 2014 was the 3,000th edition of the magazine.

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The actual story stated that specific details of Darwin's evolution theory had been shown incorrectly, mainly the shape of phylogenetic trees of interrelated species, which should be represented as a web instead of a tree.

Some evolutionary biologists who actively oppose the intelligent design movement thought the cover was both sensationalist and damaging to the scientific community." on the future of nuclear power in the UK, a topic that it has covered throughout its history.In 1964 there was a regular "Science in British Industry" section with several items.The Editor-in-chief is Sumit Paul-Choudhury, Executive Editor is Graham Lawton, Managing Editor is Rowan Hooper and Editor-at-Large is Jeremy Webb.It was announced on 31 January 2018, that Paul-Choudhury is to take up a post as Strategy Director with Emily Wilson, previously assistant editor of The Guardian, replacing him as the publication's first female editor.The monthly magazine is published by Veen Media and sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.