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Safedatingonline com

Threat Matrix, an American cybersecurity company, has identified five primary types of online dating scams: 1.Love/Romance Scam – Cybercriminals create fake accounts and in many cases ask online dating matches to wire money so they can meet. sends the scammer a money order or check, only to never hear from the match again. Fake Profiles – Cybercriminals use fake profiles, including photos and descriptions, to gain trust and take advantage of online dating customers.

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In keeping with their well-established reputation as moony-eyed romantics, the FBI’s San Diego field office celebrated Valentine’s Day last year by issuing a warning about online dating scams.

The release is worth reading in full, but we wanted to expand on it by offering some tips and strategies for staying safe dating online.

She really gives a great detailed explanation and adds some other great tips that might come in handy and help you chart this unexplored territory safely.

Read more here: article has some great insight on how exactly scammers go to work and other hot topics that might end up saving you from possible downfall due to internet scammers.

Using Findmate is of course is a good start; Findmate has some of the best security and anti-scam systems of any dating app, and a dedicated support team for responding to user reports.

But the world has no shortage of people willing to prey on those who’re just looking for love, and it’s important to keep your eyes open.

For example, a fraudster may say he is in the Philippines and ask the online dating user to send a check or wire money to cover travel costs. They also share malicious links with their dating matches, which can result in malware being downloaded on the user’s device.

These cybercriminals are not seeking their soul mate, but rather seeking substantial information from users with the end goal of compromising credit cards and bank accounts. Mobile Dating – Geo-location on smart phones enables cybercriminals to know a user’s exact location at all times.

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Read the full post here: https:// We hope that this article has extended your knowledge on how to avoid falling victim to online dating disappointment and keep you as safe as possible.