Emma watson dating 27 year old

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No word on why the lovebirds split, but we wouldn't be shocked if it to do with Watson's busy schedule.Watson is a pro at keeping her private life private, politely declining to answer questions about her boyfriend at every turn.

The Met Gala is the perfect, modern day celebrity awards-function in that no tangible, tedious potentially politically-incorrect prizes are doled out at all.According to multiple sources, Emma Watson and her boyfriend of two years, tech entrepreneur William "Mack" Knight, are no more. The 27-year-old star has been dating 37-year-old Knight since late 2015—though it's easy to forget since we rarely see them together.The uber-private couple was last spotted together in May, and word is that they broke up sometime earlier this year, according to Page Six.Along with millions of others, I tracked one of this year’s ‘winners’ Madonna for the entire evening.I watched her pre-show beauty appointment and manicure, her transformation into a camouflage gown, much pouting with its designer Jeremy Scott, her car journey, her big red carpet session, her dinner, her dancing and her car home.that doesn't separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience”.

Behold the brave new world of non-binary celebrity prize giving.Recent events in celeb-world, both at the MTV Movie Awards and last week’s odious Met Gala, hint of changes afoot in how we celebrate greatness.First let me address MTV who last night awarded Emma Watson a pioneering ‘gender-neutral’ prize for ‘Best Actor in a Movie Role’.That just clears up the dating pool for another handsome, well-bred and ultra-succesful tech tycoon to swoop in an take Knight's place. )Just don't expect her to gush over you to"I want to be consistent: I can't talk about my boyfriend in an interview and then expect people not to take paparazzi pictures of me walking around outside my home. Grab your tissues, because 2017 has claimed another celebrity couple.At the Met Gala the sole prize is attention, media coverage and Instagram traffic.

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    For socially weird or anxious or shy people, trying to meet a stranger in public is a nightmare, and even for someone charming and outgoing, it’s a grueling task that requires a lot of luck.

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    But four years on, the cute actress is looking all grown up in a photo shoot for new magazine Bullett.