Are calleigh and delko dating

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Are calleigh and delko dating - mac video chatting dating

I took a murderer off the streets, man, just like you. Cardinal Benedetti: I told you when you came to me those many years ago, with blood on your hands, that it's not about the life you took, but the lives you make different in the here and now. I took an oath to protect, the people of Miami, and, uh, I was born to be a cop. My security chief is on his way down with the master key. I needed people with no agenda, people who would follow an investigation no matter where it went.

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cast The good news: Delko may be aimlessly wandering the Everglades, but at least he's alive.

All right, so the chandelier must have gotten hit when the robber opened fire.

The seventh series of the procedural drama following a South Florida forensics team begins with the team searching for the person who shot Horatio (David Caruso) in the Series 6 cliffhanger.

CSI - General [352] Fanfiction related to the original show.

Does not contain any relationships between the characters beyond that seen in canon. Gil/Nick/Sara) are filed under the Threesomes and Moresomes category.

Megalyn Echikunwoke joins the cast as a regular—for this series only—as coroner Tara Price.

Also stars Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn and Eva La Rue.

CSI: NY - Threesomes, Moresomes or Bitextual [15] Fanfiction related to CSI: NY.

Challenges [5] This category houses challenges issued to writers but only the challenges themselves and not any resulting stories.

Does not contain any relationships between the characters beyond that seen in canon.

Usually stories related to cases or characters without any romantic subplot.

male/male/female or male/male/male), or relationships that span genres, such as slash and heterosexual relationships in the same story.

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