Red jacket firearms stephanie dating chris

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I am going to grow Red Jacket Firearms and we are going to continue as a company doing what we love.” Meaux and his team at the Baton Rouge-based store are working overtime to ensure that both the company is not associated with the ongoing criminal investigation surrounding Hayden.

If you hadn’t heard, Will Hayden, the main character of the show and owner of Red Jacket Firearms was going through the legal system for crimes he had committed almost a decade apart.I wanted to have a true firearms manufacturing company. Those two had a conflict.” According to a TMZ report, Hayden’s eldest daughter Stephanie – who starred alongside her father on the now-defunct Discovery Channel series and initially came to his defense – will now go to the police to assist in his prosecution. Especially the young ladies, they have had something taken from them that is irreplaceable.Will has damaged me but it is something I can get back.“We have had a lot of requests and interest with some more shows based around the team we have here. It has been a big part of my life for the last five years,” he added.“Working on a reality show I have come to realize there is a lot of opportunity there.Hollie Mc Kay has been a Fox staff reporter since 2007.

She has reported extensively from the Middle East on the rise and fall of terrorist groups such as ISIS in Iraq.

The show Sons of Guns was a big hit from 2011 to 2014, as they filmed the day to day operations of Red Jacket Firearms, a custom firearm shop.

So, many were crushed to see the show go, but very hopeful that Hayden would get what he deserved if the accusations were true.

“At one time I considered Will a friend, but looking back at it a lot of our interactions had ulterior motives from him -- manipulations and things.

Seeing all the people stepping forward now, it really brings to light how much control he was trying to impart on everything around him,” the gun store owner continued.

The family behind Red Jacket Firearms is still here, we are still doing all the cool stuff that you see on the show and more,” he said. The entire inventory is in one place; we will be able to continue forward with gunsmith workshops and other developments.